Gary Osterhage
Current DOC for WA Timbers FC

"Dan was one of the elite type players I have ever coached in terms of his technical proficiency on the ball, no matter what position he played – he was truly a master of the fundamentals at the next level … and it showed in his play both in club soccer when I coached him at LOSC, as well as in college.   Not too many players come around with such quick, technical speed and could do anything with the ball that he chose. A sheer delight to watch! Dan has all the tools to be a future Director of Coaching, as he has a total grasp for all phases of the game.   Day in and day out he proves himself with all age groups and genders that he knows how to build individual skills, small sided tactics, team play and communication within the team for what goals need to be achieved each week for the total development model."


Joe Frimpong
DOC of FC Salmon Creek, Head Coach La Salle Prep Boys HS

"I have known Dan Macaya since he was a youth player for Columbia Premier Soccer Club. I have watched him develop from select, to ODP, to a collegiate athlete and now, as a first class soccer trainer and coach. His technical and tactical knowledge of the game, his ability to connect and inspire his players, makes the game of soccer fun.
His ability to motivate and instill hard work during training and competition set him apart from most young coaches and trainers. Dan has become a respected soccer mentor in the community because of his principles and character. I would, without a doubt, send any player of mine to Dan Macaya if they seek to develop their basic technical skills and to broaden their tactical understanding of the game."


Roland Minder
CHS Soccer - Head Coach

"It has been my privilege to be associated with Dan Macaya since he played on our Varsity team at Camas High School his Freshman year (2000).

Not only has he been a skilled and entertaining player, but has since become a respected coach and mentor of younger players who gives back to the community and school in various ways. I can, without equivocation, highly recommend him as a trainer to anyone seeking improvement in their skill level."

Sunny Dulai
Current DOC for WA Timbers FC
"I have had the pleasure of knowing Dan for over ten years now, as a player, coach and friend. As a player, Dan played with energy and passion for game. He was always one of the most talented players on the field. It was his energy and desire that stood out, making him a match winner on several occasions in big games. As a coach and private trainer, Dan has not only shown a great knowledge of the game but the ability to relate to kids and simplify the coaching to get the best out of his players, I regard Dan as one of SW Washington's finest products as a player and coach."

Colin Amos
Former President of CWSA

"I have had the pleasure of coaching youth soccer with Dan Macaya for over three years and could not imagine a better technical and tactical soccer instructor. Dan is not only an excellent player who can demonstrate any skill requested, but also has the ability to break down the elements of a skill so that even the novice player can understand and replicate.  I have referred players to Dan for individual skill improvement, as well as inviting him to coach team sessions to improve tactical aspects of the game such as one-on-one defending, transitioning defensively/counter-attacks and, of course, finishing on goal.  Dan has an impressive and unique ability to get the most out of an individual by introducing fun activities that require the player's utmost focus and, as coaches know too well, focus is quite a battle with a player 9 to 15 years old.  I just wish there were more soccer instructors with his skill, passion and ability to connect with kids."

Macaya Soccer ~ Camas WA

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