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Dan is a phenomenal coach with a deep understanding of the game. His knowledge and expertise can take any player to the next level. He goes above and beyond with training, resume building, and the college recruiting process. I would highly recommend Dan for training and skill building at any level.

D2 All-Conference Player

Throughout the many years I played for and trained with Dan, he has only strived to continue to grow me as a player and provide me with opportunities. Trainings are effective and fun and he provides the perfect amount of push to keep you motivated. He is knowledgeable about the game of soccer and has the coaching abilities to pass his knowledge along to you. Dan is easy to approach, easy to get along with, and creates an environment where making mistakes is only a stepping stone towards improvement. He will always keep your best interest in mind.

NAIA All-Conference Player

I started training with Dan Macaya at the early stages of my soccer career 1 on 1, and was later coached by him at the high school level. I am fortunate that I experienced Macaya’s personal technical instructions as well as tactical teachings in a team environment. As a young, inexperienced player, he brought the best out of me by implementing drills that would give me a strong foundation every player needs at a young age. The biggest difference from other personal training was the fun that came from the grind; tough practices went from something I saw that needed to get done to the best part of my week. Whether you are a new player who needs to learn the basics, or an experienced player looking to play at the next level, Macaya Soccer can serve as a valuable asset for any player in the Pacific Northwest.

D2 Men’s Player

Macaya Soccer helped me finally learn how to collaborate and balance the two most beautiful things about soccer; the fun and the competitiveness. This training culture created a getaway for me to enhance my skills and push myself yet never to the point of stress. I really appreciated the demand to be better with the support to do so.

NAIA Women’s Player

As a coach, Dan takes the time to develop each and every player to their full potential. He has made a significant impact on many top players in the area, and is a positive influence in the soccer community. He is extremely knowledgeable and I can always trust his input when it comes to recruiting. He not only focuses on technical ability, but also building character and focusing on intangibles that go beyond the field of play. It's always a privilege to work with Dan, and I highly recommend his camps or any chance to work with his amazing coaching staff.

D2 Men’s Assistant Coach

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